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Thor Security Group


. "Thor Security Group" SRL provides bodyguard services to the highest standards. The services offered by our company bring the security and protection you want. When providing bodyguard services, the best protection measures are adopted only after conducting a study of the risks to which the persons to be protected are subjected, a study carried out by specialists in the field within our Company. The personnel employed in the Bodyguard Service are between 20 and 50 years old, are professionals, have experience in the protection, guard and security structures of the state, possess high intellectual and moral capacities and qualities, skills and practical perceptions at handling and application of the firearm and physical force, always ready to properly analyze the operational situation and to act promptly in various cases and confusing situations.

The employees of our Company permanently improve their professional mastery, they are tested periodically, participating in various exercises and case situations in conditions equal to those of real situations.

By calling on our services, you will discover a team of professionals who will offer you, at any time, the most reliable solution to the problems related to your security and that of your family members.