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Thor Security Group


The services provided by Thor Security Group S.R.L. regarding the collection, transport and escort of material values, as well as ensuring their integrity is the service we provide to our customers, respecting the provisions of the legislation in force and the contractual clauses.

        The logistical potential of  “Thor Security Group” S.R.L. consists of specially equipped cars (provided with special permits, the basic color being orange, on the sides - green contrast stripes, with the printing of the Company logo). At the same time, in order to ensure security and security in the process of escorting and transporting securities, cash and material values ​​in the process of collection, the cars in question are equipped with GPS, alarm button and video recorders with double cameras, for recording outdoor and indoor events.

In addition to the functionality of the GPS tracking platform, our company has implemented in the activity of services for collection, transport and escort of material values ​​- Satellite monitoring system - "Wialon". The “Wialon” system ensures the security of the car, of the group of collectors and of the material values, through the complex information about the dangers to which the group of collectors can be subjected through automatic preventive actions. This system analyzes non-stop a lot of telemetry data through sensors and equipment systems of the car. If any danger is detected, the automatic alarm system is triggered, and in parallel, the collection group can transmit the alarm signal by pressing the alarm button. The signal arrives directly at the desk of the centralized security dispatcher, and on the screen of the desk appears the information regarding the location of the collection group (address and coordinates) and the time of the event. In such situations, the dispatcher of the Centralized Security Dispatcher intervenes operatively and takes concrete measures in order to solve the case according to the Instructions developed in this regard by our Company and the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Moldova in force.

Subsequently, our company develops various in-house training programs for value transport agents and cashiers, conducting practical lessons to simulate various case situations and special training, so that collection crews are able to handle the weapon, to know and apply hand-to-hand combat procedures to repel a possible attack in extreme situations. In crisis situations, security agents and cashiers are prepared to perform defensive driving techniques, avoid road accidents and defend transported values.

The personnel of the collection service are equipped with firearms, special equipment, bulletproof vests with the third level of security, means of communication, through which they keep in permanent contact with the Company's centralized Security Dispatch Office.

At the same time, the value transport agents and the cashing drivers have a certificate issued by the police bodies and a certificate of graduation of the professional qualification courses and the police approval for carrying a weapon.

Currently, our company provides services for the collection, transportation and escort of material values ​​at 305 points.

Depending on the Client's requests, Thor Security Group S.R.L. is available to supplement the number of transport units or to set up / form additional collection crews, thus ensuring a flexible schedule of services, according to the activity program and the needs of the Client.

Thor Security Group S.R.L. is capable and has the logistical and human resources potential to fully ensure the entire portfolio of services regarding the collection, transportation and escort of material values ​​throughout the country.