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Thor Security Group
Thor Security Group

About us

The Security Organization "Thor Security Group" SRL was founded in October 2014 and represents a Company, which operates on the principles of autonomy and self-financing, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, with competencies throughout the country, currently having a state staff of 475 people.

According to its mission, OP "Thor Security Group" SRL carries out the following types of licensed activities: a) protection of life and health, security of property, execution of bodyguards; b) physical and technical guarding of premises and territories; c) collecting (collecting) important values, as well as transporting, guarding and accompanying important loads / values, personal goods; d) providing assistance to law enforcement agencies in maintaining public order, ensuring the security of people; e) informing the public on issues of protection against illicit actions; f) the design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems, their components as well as the operation of alarm monitoring dispatchers; g) patrolling, jointly with the law enforcement bodies, the criminogenic areas.

The Company's staff consists of professional collaborators, with a rich experience of activity in the field of law enforcement, defense, security and state security, possess theoretical and practical knowledge in ensuring and maintaining public order. The management system of employee recruitment, training and development, attention and responsibility to customer requirements and commitments are the basic characteristics for the appreciation of our institution as one of the safest security service providers in the country.

The competencies we have, offer us the possibility to achieve all the commitments assumed, with a high degree of efficiency and security. The guarantee and firmness of our current and future commitments are based on the desire to continuously improve our performance and our constant concern for meeting the security needs of our customers, by controlling the quality of activities, so that all customers benefit from the highest quality services. In this sense, the activities of guarding and protection, monitoring and intervention, collection (collection) of important values ​​are certified according to the Quality Management System SM SR EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The mission of our Company is to satisfy the wishes of our customers and to exceed their expectations through a wide range of quality services, offering a balance between price and quality. By contracting the security and security services of OP “Thor Security Group” SRL, you will have a reliable partner and you will appreciate the quality of the services provided, which differentiates it in a favorable way from its competitors.

According to order no. 479 of 27.12.2022 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, the State Fiscal Service included the company OP "Thor Security Group" SRL in the list of economic agents with large taxpayers for the years 2023-2024. We are proud to be in the top 7% of registered companies, which contribute to the formation of the national budget.

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