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Thor Security Group

The Thor Security Group S.R.L. is a team of professionals, with a modern technical and material base and a time-tested experience.
Thor Security Group
About us

Thor Security Group

Thor Security Group was founded in 2014. Our team of professionals with 7 years of experience in the field of security.

We have become a company that respects the quality of your safety and reacts quickly to emergencies.

Our services

What do we offer customers?

Providing a wide range of security and safety services in relation to quality and price-guarantees for a long-term contractual relationship.

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What do customers say about us?

Over 25,500 accidents prevented
Over 2000 customers served
Over 25 companies under protection
Over 300 employees


Thor Security Group
Frequent questions

We have answers

  • How much does your service cost?

    The cost of our services depends directly on their variety and other factors. Each client is unique and we have a special approach for each one. To receive all the necessary information about the service you are interested in, contact us via the feedback form or call us. specified on the "Contacts" page.

  • How is security organized?

    The security and security organization is a set of measures designed to guard, peace, security and order of customers.

    Before providing the services requested by the client, the Company's specialists carry out a study on the object to be guarded.

    Depending on the requests for the services provided, the Company elaborates the commercial offer for the security and security services.


  • What does the cost of protection depend on?

    The cost of security services is influenced by:

    - location of the protection object, location.

    - security mode (day, night, daily, mixed).

    - equipment for guards (winter uniform, summer uniform).

    - armament and security equipment.

    - protective load (security functions performed).

    - control system, number of guards checks.

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